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to replace our complex income tax with a simple federal sales tax


The present 67,000 pages of burdensome tax legislation allow so many exceptions and exclusions and so much favoritism that it cannot possibly be made fair and simple. This has driven companies and individual bank accounts offshore and encouraged non-compliance costing billions in uncollected taxes. The untaxed underground economy may be near half a trillion dollars annually adding further to the burden of honest and complying citizens. The pimps, prostitutes, pushers of drugs and all the dealers under the table need to help carry our federal tax burden.


FairTax (H.R. 25 & S. 13) would replace the unfixable I.R.S. Code with a simple 23% federal sales tax on new goods and services. This would eliminate all federal withholding, all corporate and individual income taxes, estate, gift, and capital gains taxes. This FairTax progressively untaxes the poor altogether with a rebate. It encourages untaxed corporations to American shores greatly expanding employment opportunities. This would fill our shelves and showrooms with far less expensive goods. "Made in America" can become popular again.


H.R. 25 now has 61 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and eight senate co-sponsors. For much more complete and timely information on this historic legislation, go to www.fairtax.org and www.fairtaxnation.com .


Please sign this petition and forward it to your voting friends for their signatures; we need many thousands of signatures nationwide. Numbers of voters with ZIPcodes of the politicians' own congressional districts is what impresses politicians. So get your groups and friends to sign and give their ZIPcodes; politicos tend to be biased against FairTax since it takes manipulative power from them and returns the power to the people. We need to show the politicos that we are serious when we say we are fed up with the manipulative games they and their lobbyists play with the present I.R.S. code. When taxpayers learn of FairTax, they generally see that it really does return power to the people. This is worth working for!




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